Friday, June 1, 2018

Oral Hygiene And Its Importance

Oral hygiene is one of the most important factors in the overall health. Keeping the oral cavity clean and clear means preventing several germs from entering the body. It is not just the visits to the dentist that keep the gums and the teeth in perfect condition but the care begins at home. Plaque and tartar can destroy the gums and teeth. Plaque is a sticky and colourless film of bacteria that grows on the teeth, between the teeth and along the gum line. Removing the plaque is first step to a healthy lifestyle. Tartar is hardened and calcified plaque that gets attached to the teeth and along the gum line.

Developing plaque and tartar
Plaque is nothing unusual. Everyone develops plaque but it is difficult to see it as it is a colourless and thin film covering the teeth.  The presence of plaque along the gum line can cause inflammation and irritation. In contrast to plaque, tartar is more visible. It is yellow or brown in colour. It is the calcified form of plaque that can be easily seen mostly between the front or lower teeth and at the gum line. The presence of plaque or tartar can lead to cavities, gum diseases and bad breath.

Following a few tips can the oral cavity as healthy as possible.

A good toothbrush
With so many companies around there are numerous toothbrush options available. To choose the best option can be a task and might require effort. A sound body and sound mind is worth all this effort. A toothbrush with round and soft bristles is more recommendable as its chances of damaging the gums are very less.  Along with this if the bristles are criss-cross styled it can be very helpful in removing plaque between the teeth. Such toothbrushes can reach the small crevasses and get rid of the plaque hidden there.

Floss everyday
Small food particles of the yummy food get stuck between the teeth providing bacteria with a safe homeland to grow and nurture. These food particles should be removed as soon as possible. Flossing, one of the most effective way of removing these particles is boring and time consuming but it ensures that the teeth are safe from growing bacterial colonies. Flossing after every meal is a habit that can guarantee safe and healthy mouth. The piece of floss being used should be at least 18 inches in length.  The floss should be rubbed in such a way that it creates a ‘C’ shape when wrapped around the teeth.

Diet monitoring
Type of the diet is not only important for the mouth but primarily for the whole body. The overall health of a body depends on the diet. To have healthy gums and teeth sweet sugary items should be avoided as much as possible. Candies, cookies, chocolate and soft drinks contain huge amount of sugar that enables the plaque to grow in the teeth harming the gums as well. If plaque is not treated for sometimes, it turns into a gum disease called gingivitis. Midnight snacking is also a way of introducing bacteria into the mouth after having brushed thoroughly. Going to bed after snacks without brushing gives bacteria enough space and time to develop and nourish.   A balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables and plenty of water mouth can keep the environment healthy and happy.

Oral hygiene is a part of the overall system of the body health. A clean mouth ensures and healthy body. Following the dental hygiene tips and regularly visiting the dentist along with choosing the best mouth care products and maintaining a balanced healthy diet is the crux of a healthy life.